IQ Test: 1 + 1 x 0 + 1= ? Solution included!

Can you solve this equation?

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Lets explore solutions as commonly suggested by people.

Solution: 1?

This solution is wrong, multiplication always takes precedence to addition so the zero only zeroes the one one, not all preceding to it. For example 1+1*0 = 1 and not 0!

Solution: 2?

This solution correctly counts-in precedence rules, but ignores the first two rows, so it is incomplete.

Solution: 12?

Almost correct, but notice that if you take it as one big equation written on three distinct lines, you end up without any operations at the end of the line 1 and 2 and the first number on the next line. You just assume it should be adding and therefore the solution is wrong.

Solution: 30

This is based on transformation of  the three lines into 1+1+1+1+11+1+1+1+11+1x0+1 = 30. While this is not perfect, it is closest to a proper mathematical solution to this problem. 

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